How we use Dropbox


We use Dropbox to share various documents with clients in a much securer way than via Email. We know some of you won’t wish to use our Quickbooks software, so we set you up with one of our simple Excel worksheets which is stored in Dropbox so both us can access it when needed. Another huge advantage is that using Dropbox can be accessed from anywhere in the world!


  What they’ve built

500 million people around the world use Dropbox to work the way they want, on any device, wherever they go. With 200,000 businesses on Dropbox Business, we’re transforming everyday workflows and entire industries.

Access files across your devices

Once you add files into Dropbox, you can access them from any device, anywhere.


Share securely

Share files and folders right from your desktop. You control exactly who sees what.


* Super simple file sharing * Access any file anytime, anywhere, on any device * Dropbox is free up to 2GB of data, you can upgrade to Pro for $9.99 a month if you need more space than that * You always know where your files are * No need to buy a separate file server * Brilliant if you want to move to a paperless office * Brilliant for disaster recovery – if your computer or phone crash – you data is safe in the Cloud * The restore feature protects you against accidental file deletion – restoring files within 30 days is free, longer if you pay for the Packrat feature


* Not everyone is comfortable keeping their data in the ‘Cloud’. If you have concerns please follow the link to the security statement above. You can opt for two-step verification where access requires a pin code sent to your phone along with your user name and password. * File conflicts. As brilliant as Dropbox is, it does not know who is using the master copy of a file if two people access it at the same time. If those files are both saved, then a master copy and a second conflicted copy will be saved to the file directory. Dropbox have built this in as a security feature to preserve the changes made by each person. For further information see: Dropbox Conflicted Copies. There are other tools available that allow multiple users to edit files at the same time – we’ll cover those in a different article.